I've been making candles for nearly a decade now and loving all things natural and bee related I choose to make my own beeswax candles. Beeswax is the most natural of waxes also environmentally friendly and with beneficial health properties, it was simply the best choice. It’s wonderful that I can light these  beeswax candles with no ill effects or irritation to my breathing or sinuses.

 I opted to keep my supply local and use all raw Scottish beeswax, with the bulk coming from an award-winning Honey Farm in Perthshire. The large raw wax blocks are filtered by me several times to remove the impurities before the final candle pour, which is done in small batches. I hand pour all the candles in my small workshop on the Isle of Skye on the West coast of Scotland.

Sourcing the beeswax directly from bee keepers means that I can guarantee that the candles are made purely 100% from beeswax with nothing added. All the wicks are either natural cotton or hemp and I pre wax all the wicks by hand. 

When making candles with melted beeswax the lovely honey aroma fills the air and if the door is open it attracts the occasional friendly bee who comes to check out what I'm doing.

To help the bees, I am now introducing wildflower seed paper labels, where ever possible on some of the pillar candles and a small gift cards in boxed gift sets. They can be cut up to be planted in pots to grow your own flowers for the bees.

Although I started making the candles just for myself and gifts for family and friends, it’s been a natural growth from craft fairs to now selling online.

I hope you treat yourself and enjoy the candles. 

Ruth xo

 Candle wick testing