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Candle Care


Know how to look after your candle  

Give your Beeswax candle a bit of extra TLC 
White Bloom
If your candle is looking a little dull its because over time it will have developed a fine white powder on the surface it's called a bloom and is a sign of a pure beeswax candle. Simply polish the surface of your candle with a clean duster to restore the shinny surface.
Before you light a candle make sure that you have enough time to ensure that your candle burns cleanly across the top, burn it one hour for each inch in diameter or until the wax pool extends from edge to edge.
Example - burn a  2″ pillar candle at least 2 hours.      
Amazingly wax has a memory, so to avoid whats known as "tunnelling" on the initial candle burn make sure
you let the wax pool reach to the outer edges of the candle before you extinguish the candle.
This can be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the width of the candle. 
Not all wicks are self-trimming.
To ensure an even burn with good flame size with no flickering, trim the wick to 5mm or 1/4inch long, do this when you first light it and throughout the candle’s life.
In general, the smaller candles like tea lights and votives do not need to be trimmed.
How to extinguish the flame 
Ideally, you should push the wick into the pool of wax and then let it stand up again this coats the wick
ready for the next burn.
Alternatively you can snuff it out using a candle flame extinguisher.
If you blow out a candle this strips the wax from the wick making
the wick harder to re-light.  
Wax running down the side
This can be a beautiful cascade of wax and an endearing feature and doesn't have to be fixed, but to
prolong the candles burn time, follow these simple steps.
This is easily fixed by plugging and hugging your candle. 
Extinguish your candle, when the candle has cooled and is warm enough to handle you can remould the beeswax, use some of the wax that has escaped and mould it into the hole were the wax is escaping to build up the outer wall. 
Flame to tall
If the flame gets too tall and starts to flicker then the wick will need to be trimmed, extinguish the candle as above and re-trim the wick back to 5mm and re-light. 

Flame to small
This could be to much wax pool and not enough wick. Extinguish the wick as above and then pour off some of the wax and remove any excess wax and relight the candle.                
Bee aware
Burning in a glass container such as a hurricane lamp will increases the heat so the candle will melt faster.
 Tea lights
Always burn tea light candles in their containers on a heat resistant surface.  
Tea lights are meant to burn continuously until burnt out, usually 3 to 5 hours.

Warning - Remember the basics

Never burn candles unattended.
Keep away from children and pets.
Burn in a draft-free environment.
Burn on a level heat resistance surface.
Keep away from flammable objects.
Keep lit candles a minimum of 10cm apart.

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